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Since 1997, Nutfield Technology has been designing and manufacturing the most advanced galvanometer-based optical scanners, scan heads, laser scan kits, and laser scanning control electronics and software products available. As the one-stop solution for laser scanning, let Nutfield Technology be your best resource!



Galvanometers Scanners

Optical Position Detector Galvos

Select Galvanometersfrom a full range of fast & accurate galvanometers

Exclusive Ceramic Rotor Technology only from Nutfield

Mirror aperture ranges from 3mm to 45mm

Ceramic bearing or flexure-based galvos for high-duty cycles and long life


Flexure-Based Galvos

SeNutfield Tech's SS-30 Flexure Galvanometerlect from two high performance flexure galvos

Lower cross axis wobble

High signal-to-noise position detection

Fast step response compared to other flexure galvos



3-Axis Solutions

3XB Scan Head

ProduceNutfield Technology's 3XBs smaller spots, larger fields and retains much of the speed of the 2-axis heads

10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm and 45mm apertures for 355nm, 532nm, 1064nm, and 10.6µm wavelengths

Processes a 3D work surface

Optional telecentric lens for enhanced depth of focus


Contour 3-Axis Scan Head

CompNutfield Technology's Contouract scanning solution designed to offer 3-axis capability

Cost comparable to 2-axis systems

High bandwidth Z-axis mechanism for marking on highly contoured surfaces

Fully packaged design allows for easy integration into workstations and assembly lines



Fiber Laser Scan Kits

Includes WaveRunner Software

StreamlinNutfield Technology's Fiber Laser Kites fiber laser scanning system integration

Mix-and-match scan heads, lenses, and other components

Includes Pipeline-1, a  19-inch 1U rack mount enclosure

Connector ports simplify cabling – laser-to-controller and scan head-to-controller cables included


Universal OEM CO2 Kit

Nutfield Tech Universal OEM Laser Kit

Streamlines a CO2 galvo-based marking system with fast integration

Mix-and-match scan heads, f-theta lens, and other components

Easily mounts to 80/20-style aluminum extrusion

Software &

Scan Control Software & Hardware

WaveRunner // SurfBoard // Pipeline

Nutfield Technology's SurfBoard 2WaveRunner is a fully featured, easy-to-use Advanced Marker Software package; download free demo here

SurfBoard USB Scan Control Hardware controls a 2-axis or 3-axis galvo-based scan head system

SurfBoard-2 scan control hardware includes SurfBoard-1 capabilities and adds Ethernet, more I/O, and onboard hardware

Pipeline-1 includes WaveRunner Software, SurfBoard Scan Control Hardware, and other components in a 19-inch 1U rack mount enclosure



Open Frame 2-Axis Scan Heads

Providing  XY deflection capability for all lasers

Fast anNutfield Tech's QS-7 OPD Open-Frame Scan Headd accurate open frame heads from 7mm to 45mm

Exclusive ceramic rotor technology only from Nutfield

Optically aligned and electronically match tuned

Cost-engineered to provide maximum OEM value



2-Axis Packaged Scan Heads

Featuring the XLR8 and Xtreme Series

PackaNutfield Techology's Xtremeged scan heads from 7mm to 20mm

Robust, sealed, plug-and-play installation

XY2-100 digital or analog interfaces available

Windows-based software support


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