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BLINK High-Speed Focuser

Patent-Pending Design is Compact and Blazingly Fast

“Blink and you’ll miss it… 30 times!”


Nutfield Tech's BLINK High-Speed Focuser

Nutfield Technology’s BLINK High-Speed Focuser offers blazingly fast focusing performance in a compact, maintenance-free package. Our patent-pending ultra-stiff air bearing design results in a friction-free bearing that offers stable servo bandwidths in excess of 500 Hz. The BLINK High-Speed Focuser is capable of continuous operation with a 50G peak sine wave, and its ultra low moving mass design (28 grams with lens) minimizes reaction forces. Its high efficiency motor complements the air bearing performance allowing for 100% duty cycle 1 mm focusing moving at less than 12 watts RMS.

Nutfield Tech’s initial release features a 13mm clear bore and 13mm of stroke. The BLINK High-Speed Focuser can be fitted with a variety of standard 1/2″ diameter lenses to suit any application. It’s also available as either a stand-alone focuser or integrated with Nutfield Technology’s popular post-objective scan heads, like Nutfield Tech’s 3-axis Contour.

With only one moving part, BLINK offers exceptional reliability and service life when compared to traditional taut band actuators.

Contact Nutfield Technology for assistance with identifying a solution for your laser application.


Features for the BLINK High-Speed Focuser include:

Very high dynamics – continous operation @ 50G peak sine
Large fields, small spots and replaces f-theta lenses
Frictionless, non-contact air bearing/voice coil design (patent pending)
> 500 Hz Servo Bandwidth
13mm clear aperture and 13mm stroke
Ultra-low reactive forces


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Frequency Peak accelerationPeak currentAverage power
100 Hz197m/s2 (20 G’s)1.0 Amps2.3 Watts
125 Hz308m/s2 (31 G’s)1.4 Amps4.4 Watts
141 Hz392m/s2 (40 G’s)1.8 Amps7.3 Watts
157 Hz487m/s2 (50 G’s)2.2 Amps11.1 Watts
*Note: Specifications are subject to change without notification.


Applications for the BLINK include:

3D, Contour Surface
High Speed Focus


Accessories for the BLINK High-Speed Focuser includes:

QD-2000 Servo Amplifier


Documentation for the BLINK includes:

Nutfield Technology’s BLINK High-Speed Focuser Data Sheet