Nutfield's D-20 Digital Scan Head

The D-20 Digital XY Scan Head is the perfect building block for your laser system!

A Fully Digital Scan Head with 20 mm aperture!

Nutfield Technology’s D-20 is a fully digital, encoder-based XY-axis scan head that is ideal for applications requiring the ultimate in accuracy and stability.  High resolution encoders provide accuracy and insensitivity to environmental factors for a wide range of applications.

Nutfield Technology’s XY2-100 interface provides the D-20 with true 16-bit addressability. (Note: 20-bit addressability is available.  Contact Nutfield Tech for details.) Our digital XY2-100 integrates with PC-based hardware and software packages for marking and micromachining. The D-20 Digital XY Scan Head is easily interfaced with Nutfield Tech’s WaveRunner Scan Control Software and Pipeline/SurfBoard Scan Control Hardware.

The D-20 Digital XY Scan Head is ideal for use in many laser applications such as: laser ablasion, laser drilling/welding, material processing, precision scribing and surface treatment.

Contact Nutfield Technology for assistance with identifying a solution for your scanning application.