Perfect for hand-held applications!

The QS-3 OPD Nutfield-QS-3-OPDnxl-220-x-220Galvanometer is lightweight and extremely compact. Our moving magnet scanners are ideal for hand-held scanning applications. Our mechanical design incorporates our exclusive ceramic ball-bearing motors that are combined with our high output position detectors.  Patented low inertia optical detectors achieve dynamic performance with faster, more accurate positioning.  When integrated with Nutfield’s QD-4000 Servo Amplifier, the QS-3 OPD scanners deliver accuracy and speed in the palm of your hand.

Nutfield Tech’s QS-3 OPD Galvanometer’s recommended aperture range is 3 mm to 5 mm. Minimum rotor inertia provides increased bandwidth and speed for stable,  reliable performance.

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