Nutfield Tech's WaveRunner Scan Control Software

Nutfield Tech’s WaveRunner Scan Control Software

WaveRunner Pro is the complete package! 

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WaveRunner Scan Control Software is an advanced, fully featured laser scanning  software package for creating and editing job files. Easily build jobs for marking,  micromachining, and laser processing.

Use the WaveRunner GUI to assemble text, images, barcodes, and serial numbers into job files, assign laser scanning  parameters, and build automation scripts within a single interface. Graphic objects can be drawn natively or be imported in a wide variety of formats.

Markable objects can be organized into sequences which include control objects such as timers, I/Os, and automation (motion control). Each object can be assigned unique laser processing parameters.

WaveRunner Scan Control Software can be configured to work with all  laser types. A library of correction files is included for popular  scanning lenses; custom lens correction files can be easily created.

Nutfield’s WaveRunner Pro can be used with any of our SurfBoard or Pipeline scan control hardware products to operate a 2-axis  or 3- axis scan system. Operates as stand alone or integrated with host computers/PLCs.

WaveRunner Scan Control Software is available in bundled packages with the following:

SurfBoard-1, Surfboard-2, Pipeline-1, or Pipeline-2 Scan Control Hardware.

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