Universal OEM Laser Kit

Assemble and Safely Control a 25, 40, or 75 watt Universal CO2 Laser

In a Class IV Environment


Nutfield Tech Universal OEM Laser KitNutfield Technology’s OEM Laser Kit will get your Universal CO2 galvo-based marking system up and running in minutes! To operate this XY2/100 galvo kit, Nutfield Tech offers a USB or Ethernet Control 1U platform. Nutfield Tech’s Pipeline Scan Controller will synchronize and command the OEM Universal laser and scan head functions as well as the laser safety circuits and other input/output interfaces. The Pipeline GUI, WaveRunner Scan Control Software, is the industry’s most robust feature-rich software. WaveRunner can support all application requirements and it is free to download and explore. Purchase of the Pipeline, WaveRunner and CO2 Laser Kit includes stock cables and power supplies for a complete laser application solution!

Each Universal OEM Laser Kit comes complete with:
Laser Mounting Platform

Scan Head
Beam Expander
Lens Assembly

Convenient access to all power and data cables and, with a center line optical path all the way through the scan head, alignment requirements are minimized. These laser kits can be configured based on application requirement for scan head aperture and f-theta lens based on spot and field size requirements.

Our laser kit can be configured based on application requirement for scan head aperture and f-theta lens based on spot and field size constraints.

Contact Nutfield Technology for assistance with identifying a solution for you scanning application. 


USA regulation requires that personnel working with and operating lasers and laser systems without safety shields must be familiar with laboratory laser safety procedures. Protective eyewear should be worn around laser equipment. Nutfield Technology will not be held responsible for personal injury or equipment damage that results from the use of this product. No safety shields or interlocks are provided, thus they are the customer’s responsibility. The customer is responsible for complying with applicable regulatory approvals, including the use of Class 4 laser products.


Key features of the Universal OEM Laser Kit:


Streamlines a CO2 galvo-based marking system with fast integration
Mix-and-match scan heads, f-theta lenses, and other components
Easily mounts to 80/20-style aluminum extrusion


Universal CO₂ Kit25 Watts40 Watts75 Watts
Scan Head Aperture15mm15mm15mm
Field Size for f-theta lens50mm x 50mm120mm x 120mm210mm x 210mm
Scan Radius74mm177mm303mm
Optical Resolution86 µm200 µm341 µm
Speed Vector¹1300mm/s3100mm/s5300mm/s
Resolution Step Size² .76 µm1.8 µm3.2 µm
Repeatability³ (±).76 µm1.8 µm3.2 µm
Accuracy⁴ (±)51 µm120 µm210 µm
Specifications subject to change without notice.



1  Vector speed is defined on the work surface based on galvo aperture. Actual performance subject to material processing limits.

2  Step size is defined as the smallest movement the scan head can make within the mark field on the surface regardless of optical resolution.

3  Repeatability is defined as moving from one spot to another spot and back to same spot on work surface regardless of optical resolution and laser characteristics.

4  Accuracy is defined after 10 minutes warm-up and pointing to known location regardless of optical resolution and laser characteristics without field correction. Use field mapping for optimal system accuracy.


Universal OEM Laser Kits are exceptional for the following applications:

Surface Treatment
Industrial Processing
Plastic Welding


Universal OEM Laser Kits come with:

Full-featured WaveRunner Marker Software
Pipeline-2 rack-mount controller
Pipeline connector ports simplify cabling ― controller-to-laser and scan head-to-controller cables included


Documentation for the Universal OEM Laser Kit:

Click to request Quick Start Guide (PDF)  Fill out a short form, and immediately receive the download.
Nutfield Tech Universal OEM Laser Kit Configuration 94-0110 (pdf)