Contour 3-Axis Scan Head

High Bandwidth for Marking on Contoured Surfaces


Nutfield Tech's Contour 3-Axis Scan HeadNutfield Technology’s Contour 3-Axis Scan Head is a compact scanning solution designed to offer 3-axis capability at cost comparable to 2-axis systems. The Contour includes a high bandwidth Z axis mechanism for marking on highly contoured surfaces. The fully packaged design allows for easy integration into workstations and assembly lines.

The Contour 3-Axis Scan Head Series is designed to operate seamlessly with Nutfield Technology’s WaveRunner Laser Scan Control Software and Pipeline or Surfboard Laser Scan Controller Hardware.

Nutfield Technology’s 3-Axis solutions are designed to deliver large field sizes without the use of large scanning lenses, XY tables, or gantries. Our technology delivers better field-size/spot-size ratios than those provided by standard f-theta scanning lenses. The integrated design incorporates Nutfield Technology’s advanced OPD (optical position detector) galvanometer technology to offer superior bandwidth, accuracy, and flexibility in 3-axis technology.

Download this PDF:  Nutfield Tech Outline Drawing of Contour

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Key features of the Contour 3-Axis Scan Head:

Large Field/Small Spot
Aperture – 20mm
Processes 3D work surface
CorCalcII Utility for easy generation of custom correction files
Ideal for process development and job shop settings
Cost effective


Specifications for the Contour Scan Head:

Contour Series 
Field Size (mm) and Spot Ø*:20 Nd:YAG (μm)
* 1/e² spot @ center
The above chart assumes TEM 00 and M² = 1.2


Nutfield’s Contour 3-Axis Packaged Scan Heads are ideal for the following applications:

Large Field Marking
Contoured Surfaces Marking
Textile Cutting and Embossing
Solar Scribing


Accessories available for the Contour Scan Head:

Cables for Data and power connections
Protective windows for exit aperture
Collimator adapters for fiber lasers
DC power supply