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D-20 Digital XY Scan Head

Fully Digital, Encoder-Based 


The D-20 Digital Scan Head is the perfect building block for your laser system


Nutfield Technology’s D-20 is a encoder-based, XY-axis fully digital scan head that is ideal for applicatiNutfield's D-20 Digital Scan Headons requiring the ultimate in accuracy and stability. High resolution encoders provide accuracy and insensitivity to environmental factors for a wide range of applications.

Nutfield Technology’s XY2-100 interface provides the D-20 Scan Head with true 16-bit addressability. (20-bit addressability is available. Contact Nutfield Tech for details.)

Nutfield Technology’s D-20 Digital Scan Head is easily interfaced with Nutfield’s WaveRunner Scan Control Software and Pipeline/SurfBoard Scan Controllers.

Contact Nutfield Technology for assistance with identifying a solution for your scanning application.


Key features of the D-20 Digital Scan Head:

Extremely Stable
Greater Accuracy
High Speed
High Resolution
Extremely Low Thermal Drift
Configured to accept XY2-100 Digital Input Signals
Available with Fiber Laser Scan Kits
Optional 20mm Digital Beam Shutter
Wide selection of Scan Lenses


Specifications for the D-20 Digital Scan Head:

Scan Angle (° Optical)±22.5
No. of encoder pulses768,000 @ ±22.5 ° Optical
Warm-up Stabilization8 hours
Internal Resolution1.0 µrad
Linearity (@ ±22.5°)99.98%
Repeatability3 µrad
Gain Drift1 ppm/°C
Offset Drift8 µrad/°C
Step Response Time
(1% of full scale, 99% settled)
20mm aperture600 µs
Power Supply:>strong
1+24 Volts, 20 Amps
2+ 5 Volts, 3 Amps
Control Interface:
DigitalXY2-100, 16-Bit
Operating Enviroment0 - 50° C, 90% RH (non-condensing)
Storage -20° - 60° C, 90% RH (non-condensing)
Weight without lens5.8 kg
Specifications subject to change without notice.


Nutfield’s D-20 Digital Scan Heads are ideal for the following applications:

Laser Drilling/Welding
Materials Processing
Precision Scribing
Surface Treatment
Laser Ablasion


Accessories available for the D-20 Digital Scan Head:

Cables – available lengths 7″ to 24″ (0.0178m to 0.610m)
A variety of lenses are available


Documentation for the D-20 Digital Scan Head:

Selecting Scan Lens
Nutfield Tech D-20 Data Sheet