Fiber Laser Scan Kit

Easy Integration for Fast Startup


A Nutfield TechNutfield Tech's Fiber Laser Scan Kitnology’s Fiber Laser Scan Kit can turn your laser into a laser scanning system in less than half a day!  When integrated with certain fiber lasers, our Fiber Laser Scan Kit streamlines the integration process, and provides support and service benefits of a single point of contact for the scanning subassembly.

Configurable for a range of applications, a typical Fiber Laser Scan Kit includes:

Packaged Scan Head (2-axis or 3-axis) with focusing optics
Pipeline-1 USB scan control software & hardware plus cables
Scan head adapter: mechanical adapter mounts to your chassis and receives scan head and laser mount kit
Available with or without safety shutter
Laser mount (collimator clamp) for mechanical connection from fiber laser collimator to scan head adapter
Scan head power supply
Laser power supply
Software features to utilize all of the laser’s capabilities

Contact Nutfield Technology for assistance with identifying a solution for your scanning application.


Key features of the Fiber Laser Scan Kit:

Streamlines fiber laser scanning system with fast integration
Mix-and-match scan heads, lenses, and other components


Specifications are not pertinent to this product.


Fiber Laser Kits are excellent for the following applications:

Surface Treatment
Industrial Processing
Plastic Welding


Fiber Laser Scan Kit comes with:

Full-featured WaveRunner Marker Software
Pipeline-1 rack-mount controller addresses housekeeping requirements of popular pulsed fiber lasers
Pipeline-1 connector ports simplify cabling – controller-to-laser and scan head-to-controller cables included


Documentation for the Fiber Laser Scan Kit:

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Fiber Laser Scan Kit Data Sheet

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